Humble Abode

Tho modest in size, i guess it’s fair to say that our family home as it sits right now (at 37°04’19.03″ N 8°46’30.86″ W, if you type that into Google Earth, you will see) is not so humble -inasmuch as it is the only private home that fronts onto a very special little beach.

From another perspective, though (image courtesy of GE’s “Street View” feature):

Casa Buzio, street view (new!) via Google Earth

-you can see that it is a house in a rather precarious position, perched atop a field of shifting sands, as it were, with not one cm2 of arable land around it.

SO: In the interest of Sustainable Living, we’ve done some soul-searching as a family, and decided to relocate our primary residence to a place with more of a future. A bit of a fixer-upper, it is (see picture below), but if you look beyond the cosmetics, thinking several generations ahead, you can clearly see the appeal of green fields.

Of course this move is going to take some time -as it should. While we are waiting on the municipal authority to approve our proposal to renovate these old buildings -with a covered area of just over 400m2, most of which will likely be relocated to a spot just up the hill behind, out of the agricultural reserve- i shall be working on the landscape design, as one of my permaculture diploma projects. Fortunately, i will not be alone with this design challenge, as the timing coincides nicely with the course in Applied Permaculture Design that i will be taking week after next (per Watch this space for design outputs, soon as i have any to show!