Portuguese Permaculture Diploma

Since hosting the Portuguese Permaculture Teachers convergence at Quinta do Vale da Lama some weeks ago (for more info, see http://colectivoeducacaoepermacultura.wordpress.com ), there’s been a stubborn little idea nagging at the back of my mind: that committing myself to this new diploma process could be a Good Thing…

But, then come the doubts: Do i really have time for this? Would i do well to focus on designs already implemented on the farm but not yet properly documented? (of which there are already quite a few!) Or would i do better to focus on new projects that beg for a design? (of which there are many more -as always! 🙂 And, most importantly: can i muster & maintain the motivation required to execute all these designs -10 of em!- given everything that is happening on the ground, calling more-or-less (usually more!) urgently for my attention from day to day?

Well: after consulting master Permaculturist & teacher Lesley Martin, who has graciously agreed to serve as my tutor, i have decided to take it one step at a time, starting at my own back door (actually the front door, as it happens), and see if the solution in this case might not lie right there in the problem itself. If that sounds like some sorta Zen-Bastard mumbo-jumbo, just stay tuned; it should make more sense after the next post or few. Onward!